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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wireless network?

Verizon and T-Mobile clearly have the best networks, while AT&T comes in third, followed by Sprint. The differences don't seem that large, and it might be fair for Sprint to say that for most people it has a "good enough" network.

What is the history of wireless?

The term wireless has been used twice in communications history, with slightly different meaning. It was initially used from about 1890 for the first radio transmitting and receiving technology, as in wireless telegraphy , until the new word radio replaced it around 1920.

How do you connect a computer to a wireless network?

Enter your network's SSID and WEP key. Click on "Start," then choose "Connect To" and "Wireless Network Connection.". Your computer should now be able to access the WiFi network. If the WiFi network is connected to the Internet, it should also be able to connect to the Internet.

How do I manually connect to WiFi?

How to connect to a Wi-Fi network using Settings. Using the "Network & Security" settings page, you can set up Wi-Fi connections manually, and then when your device is in range, it'll connect automatically. Here's how: Open Settings. Click on Network & Security. Click on Wi-Fi. Click the Manage known networks link.

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