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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hudson WI DMV?

2100 Oneil Rd. Hudson, WI 54016. (608) 246-7447. Living in Minnesota, we always dreaded going to the DMV. The Hudson DMV experience is quite different, they are very helpful, efficient and very nice. Not enough positive things get said about the DMV.

How do you register a vehicle in Wi?

Vehicles can be registered with the Wisconsin in person or by mail. You'll need to provide proof of ID, a completed application form, and payment for your registration fee. New residents to the state will also need your out-of-state registration and proof of sales tax to your previous state (if applicable).

How do you renew a license plate in Wi?

You may renew a license plate in Wisconsin online, by mail or in person. For online transactions, follow the steps for how to renew license plate tags on eMV Public and use a credit card or ACH bank account to pay fees. The WI DMV will mail you your license plate renewal sticker within 7-10 days.

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