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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wisconsin Department of Transportation use my network credentials to login?

Wisconsin Department of Transportation uses your network credentials to login to Box. Continue to login to Box through your network. If you are not a part of Wisconsin Department of Transportation, continue to log in with your account.

How do I bid on a highway project in Wisconsin?

Bidding for highway construction projects is conducted under the authority provided in Wisconsin Statutes 84.06 (2) (a) Bids, Contracts. Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest competent and responsible bidder as determined by the department.

What do I need to self-register for a Wisconsin login account?

Note: You must provide a valid, unique e-mail address to self-register for a Wisconsin Login Account. Correspondence regarding your Wisconsin User ID, password or other information about your Wisconsin Login Account will be sent to this e-mail address.

Why am I asked to provide a Wisconsin user ID and password?

When access to information or services is restricted, to protect your privacy or the privacy of others, you will be asked to provide a Wisconsin User ID and password. Your Wisconsin User ID and password verifies your identity so that we can provide you with access to your information and services and prevent access by unauthorized individuals.

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