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Frequently Asked Questions

How does classfinder with Frank work for college?

Classfinder with Frank leverages volume through partnerships to secure a greatly reduced rate while still maintaining the quality and transferability of the online courses. How do I know if my college will approve my credits?

Is there a phone number for the Frank support team?

The Frank Support Team is accessible via text, email, phone, and chat between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Does Frank provide financial aid? No. Frank does not provide financial aid.

What do you need to know about fit with Frank?

Total Beginners taking their first steps into fitness & wellbeing. Most awesome & kindest human beings on the planet. We seem to attract them all! Tend to put everything else before themselves. (Kids, business, work, shopping all included! Encourage you to prioritise self care and exercise regularly.

Can you do a home workout with Frank?

Achievable Home Workout Plans For Fat Loss, Strength and Flexibility. Follow along LIVE with Frank and our FWF Club Members for maximum support and accountability. Choose To Start / Finish In Your Own Time With Our On-Demand Programmes.

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