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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Wolves going extinct?

Wolves have become extinct in several localized areas across the United States because we moved into their territory . We are the ones who started to bring livestock into their hunting grounds. Then we are the ones who began to target the animals because of their natural predatory instincts.

What are the good things about wolves?

Wolves play a key role in keeping ecosystems healthy. They help keep deer and elk populations in check, which can benefit many other plant and animal species. The carcasses of their prey also help to redistribute nutrients and provide food for other wildlife species, like grizzly bears and scavengers.

What are 5 types of wolves?

Wolf Species Gray Wolf Arctic Wolf Red Wolf Indian Wolf Himalayan Wolf Ethiopian Wolf Eastern Wolf

What, is and how much food do wolves eat?

Some of the animals wolves hunt and eat include: deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison and musk-oxen as well small animals such as beaver, hares and other small rodents . Wolves have large stomachs and can devour 20 - 25 pounds of food at any one feeding time.

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