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Frequently Asked Questions

How does women in networking help your business?

Women In Networking (WIN) empowers women business owners and female entrepreneurs to exchange customer referrals & leads, share knowledge and offer support for professional growth and prosperity.

Are there any professional networking groups for women?

Ellevate Network is a professional women’s networking organization committed women who are interested in work and entrepreneurship issues. They have members in 130 countries and run 37 professional chapters around the world.

When did I join the ewomen network network?

I joined eWomenNetwork in 2015 as a Platinum member. It’s the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business since I started my business in 2000.

Which is the best website for women entrepreneurs?

Ellevate Network is a global organization enabling women in business to elevate each other. Members, including both professional women and women entrepreneurs, gain inspiration, education, and more. This spinoff of the Forbes website shares information, resources, and ideas to help professional and executive women succeed.

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