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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any networking events for women in Portland?

Ladies’ Night PDX is a quarterly networking event for professional women in Portland. You’ll meet lots of creatives and tech pros at their fun, engaging events. Events often sell out, so get on their mailing list! Boss Ladies PDX is a Facebook group where female entrepreneurs ask questions and share advice and opportunities with each other.

What to do with women in Portland Oregon?

If you’re interested in connecting with other women professionals, Portland is the place to be. It’s time to get together, share opportunities to strengthen the community of professional women in Portland, and find inspiration for your own career.

Are there any women's business centers in Oregon?

Mercy Corps Northwest hosts the only Women’s Business Center (WBC) in Oregon, funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The WBC provides education, financing, and resources to help entrepreneurs succeed, with extra consideration for specific challenges and issues for women entrepreneurs.

Are there any women's organizations in the northwest?

The Center for Women’s Leadership (CWL) is the only organization of its kind in the Northwest.

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