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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Crash HBO Max?

#WonderWoman HBO Max may crash tomorrow under the weight of folks jumping on to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984'. Between all the new subscribers and folks trying to stream it at the same time will be strenuous. — Michael™ Agent Of SHIELD (Level 7) (@SecretAvenger22) December 25, 2020

Who are the actors in the movie Wonder Woman 1984?

Directed and co-written by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Natasha Rothwell. The film is now available in theaters and on HBO Max. Narayan Liu (/Nəraɪʌn Lɪʊ/ in IPA) is a contributing features and news writer, and junior editor at CBR.

How much does Wonder Woman cost per month?

Fast-forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her riding lightning across the sky, donning wings of gold, and chasing a dream while in pursuit of two new formidable foes. (on select devices). Plans start at $9.99/month.

Will Gal Gadot return as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984?

Check out this brand new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. After first being announced to hit the big screen in November 2019, superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 has finally arrived, but it would be safe to assume that the vast majority of people won’t be risking the trip to their local multiplex to see Gal Gadot’s return as Diana Prince.

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