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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Wonder Woman costume cost?

Wonder Women Costume, $97, Costume Super Center | Wonder Women Costume 2, $170, Ali Express | Sword, $25, Halloween Costume | Shield, $25, Halloween Costume | Steve Trevor Costume, $220, Ali Express This movie only came out a little while ago, which means a lot of stores have been scrambling to find a decent version of they to sell.

What is the modern look of Wonder Woman?

Modern Wonder Woman Costume. As such, she has a streets-ready look, with pants and a slick jacket. (Don't fret about the big costume change too much; she still has her gold bracelets!) She might have shifted back to a more classic look in 2011's The New 52, but for us, this is the modern look of Wonder Woman.

What Wonder Woman would you like your man to dress as?

Either Gal Godot or Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, though most will probably go for the former. Besides the best reason to go as Wonder Woma n is so you can get your man to dress up as the man you wish your man was more like: Steve Trevor. You know you want to, and we've got them: three ideas for Wonder Woman and Steve couple costumes.

What do you need for a Wonder Woman cosplay outfit?

These Wonder Woman cosplay outfits need a golden lasso and shield so be sure to check out our superhero accessories, as well, since Diana Prince wouldn’t dare charge into battle without them, and neither should you!

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