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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is natural wonders of the world?

The original price of the book was $50 but Kindle edition is just over $11 and can be read on Kindle APP on the PC with beautiful Pictures worth looking at on a big screen. You can Zoom in as well. The description is brief. The book is over 400 pages of great pictures. Good for kids and adults.

Why are there Seven Wonders of the world?

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were the most impressive structures known to the ancient Mediterranean world. There were seven of them because it was considered to be a sacred number by the Ancient Greeks. Important people built magnificent temples and memorials as visible proof of their power and influence.

Which is the most famous man made Wonder?

Discover the most incredible man-made wonders, from Stonehenge to Burj Khalifa, with this unparalleled catalogue of the most amazing, famous, and intriguing buildings and monuments ever created by humans.

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