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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the wonders of the world located?

WONDERS OF THE WORLD, located inside the historic Flour Mill, in Spokane Washington, is a world import gifts and souvenirs shop containing the largest, most eclectic collection of jewelry, beads, artifacts and natural wonders anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Where is the Wonder Bakery in Spokane WA?

Wonder Spokane has revitalized an entire square block on the north bank of the Spokane River. Through a combination of renovations and new construction, the historic Spokane Bakery has been repurposed as a 21st century gathering and work place while preserving the original architectural facade.

When was the Wonder building in Spokane built?

The Wonder Building tells the story of American industrialization in Spokane. The Spokane Bakery was built in 1909 as one of the largest, most modern bread bakeries in the Pacific Northwest, and it made Spokane a leader in commercial bread baking, warehousing, and distribution.

Is there parking at Wonder Market in Spokane?

Wonder Parking is a 396-space parking garage offering secure, dedicated parking to lessees and public parking for patrons of Wonder Spokane and other North Bank establishments. Wonder Market is an artisan food hall highlighting unique local and regional chefs, restauranteurs, and coffee baristas.

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