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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play a Wonderword puzzle on line?

To that end, we have added a FLASH version of WONDERWORD and now you have the choice of either playing on line or printing out the puzzle as you have always done. The choice is yours. PLAY ON LINE Today’s puzzle can be played on-line in either “AUTO” or “MANUAL” mode.

How do you cross out a word in Wonderword?

Read all the words first. When you find the word in the grid, place the cursor on the first letter and drag it to the end of the word (this can be done backwards too). The word in the grid will circle each letter and the word in the word list will automatically cross out.

How often do people solve the Wonderword puzzle?

There are approximately 2 million people solving our puzzles daily in print form. A free Wonderword puzzle every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Instructions on Digital Puzzle: The words are found in all direction-vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards. Read all the words first.

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