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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Woods Bagot do for a living?

Woods Bagot is a global architecture and design studio that continually expands and challenges the expectations of multidisciplinary architectural practice in a shifting, fast-moving digital era.

Where is Woods Bagot studio in Los Angeles?

Woods Bagot’s Los Angeles studio is located at the historic Bradbury Building, as part of Neuehouse, a private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators, and thought leaders. Built in 1893, The Bradbury Building has continuously operated as an office building since it was completed – becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

Where did the name Woods Bagot come from?

History. Woods Bagot's origins can be traced back to 1869, when architect Edward John Woods was commissioned to improve and expand the design of St. Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide. In 1905 he joined forces with another prominent local architect, Walter Bagot, after many years' successful private practice.

Where did the Woods Bagot project take place?

Notable projects Completed Project name Location 2017 Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre preli ... Adelaide 2017 Adelaide Convention Centre redevelopment Adelaide National Australia Bank building Melbourne Docklands 2016 1 William Street, Brisbane Brisbane, Queensland 21 more rows ...

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