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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Woods Bagot hospital get its shape?

A uniquely shaped site and the need to create an entry adjacent to the hospital led to an elevated diamond-shaped plan that allows the parklands to extend below. The lifted building and integrated landscape act to liberate the ground plane, inviting greater activation and porosity throughout the site.

Why is Woods Bagot important to Los Angeles?

Woods Bagot’s “Re-Charge LA” proposal uses an electric mobility hypothesis as an opportunity to reinvigorate and re-energize the future of our infrastructure and create high-quality and evolving community-oriented places.

Where is Woods Bagot studio in Los Angeles?

Woods Bagot’s Los Angeles studio is located at the historic Bradbury Building, as part of Neuehouse, a private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators, and thought leaders. Built in 1893, The Bradbury Building has continuously operated as an office building since it was completed – becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

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