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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Woods Bagot open a studio in Melbourne?

The Melbourne studio embarked on a consultative workplace strategy to gather feedback from all staff who would be using the space. The feedback indicated an overarching desire to work collaboratively but also to enable social gatherings.

Who is the design leader of Woods Bagot?

Woods Bagot Principal and design leader Bruno Mendes said the project deployed a sense of domesticity to the workplace setting. Based on the notion of gathering, the various formal and informal spaces within the studio were formed around a large central space at the core of the floor plate.

What is the heart of the Melbourne studio?

Inspired by Ferran Adria’s cookbook, ‘The Family Meal’ and the simple notion of coming together to share an experience, the heart of the Melbourne studio is an open auditorium – a space to gather, host events and lectures, share ideas and collaborate.

What are the features of Woods Bagot apartment?

Most apartments will benefit from direct lift access from the basement and ground floor, redefining the concept of exclusivity and privacy. Woods Bagot takes influence from the rich palette of the neighbourhood, celebrating authentic features such as concrete, metalwork, stucco, rendering and stone.

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