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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Woodside Petroleum a private or public company?

It is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and has its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, Woodside Petroleum was ranked as the 1328th -largest public company in the world.

What does the Woodside-BHP Petroleum merger mean for Woodside shareholders?

The proposed merger between Woodside and BHP’s petroleum business has been described as “company changing” and “transformational”. Get our latest news, project updates and announcements delivered straight to your inbox.

Where does Woodside Oil come from?

Woodside's early years were focussed on Victoria's Gippsland Basin. Switching to northern Western Australia in the early 1960s, Woodside joined up with Shell and Burmah Oil to form the original North West Shelf consortium.

What is Woodside known for?

About Us. Woodside is the pioneer of the LNG industry in Australia and the largest Australian natural gas producer. We have a global portfolio and are recognised for our world-class capabilities as an integrated upstream supplier of energy.

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