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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your own word search puzzle?

You can type your own word search words in the list. Then click on 'Create word search puzzle' to make a word search puzzle. In a couple of seconds the word search maker will create the puzzle. If you don't like the puzzle, just click again on the 'Create word search puzzle'. You can repeat this until you like the puzzle.

How do you create your own word search?

To make a word search, enter your list of words in the large area provided. You can type these by hand or paste them in from another document, such as a word processing document or a spreadsheet. Just make sure that you have one word per line. Next, enter values for the height (letters down) and width (letters across)...

How do you make a word find?

Click inside the document, placing the cursor in front of the first word. Click "Find," located in the Editing group of the Home tab. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-F.". Type the word you're searching for in the "Find What" field.

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