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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Okta and workday work together?

Okta and Workday partner to make lifecycle management easier, faster, and safer for you and your company. Okta's pre-built integration unifies HR and IT, using employee data and updates in Workday to inform the user lifecycle across IT systems, including Active Directory, SaaS and on-premises applications.

How many pre-built integrations does Okta have?

7000+ pre-built integrations. No more vendor lock-ins. Looking for user authentication support? Create frictionless registration and login for your apps with Okta’s CIAM (customer identity and access management) tools.

What is the quiet period for Chipotle?

Otherwise, we may not answer your question. Chipotle has adopted a self-imposed quiet period restricting communications with investors during sensitive periods. This quiet period begins on the last day of the third month of a quarter and continues until the next earnings conference call.

What happens when I change the OKTA user profile attributes?

Future attribute changes made to the Okta user profile will automatically overwrite the corresponding attribute value in the app. Deactivate Deactivates a user's account in the app when it is unassigned in Okta or their Okta account is deactivated. Accounts can be reactivated if the app is reassigned to a user in Okta.

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