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Frequently Asked Questions

What can workforce LogiQ do for your business?

Workforce Logiq's expert advisors and proven data science help employers find, hire, and retain top talent. to Acquire Workforce Logiq. Proposed acquisition to combine two leading-edge companies to create a leading global workforce management solutions provider. INTRODUCING NEW! PATENT-PENDING:

What is workforce LogiQ total talent intelligence platform?

Workforce Logiq’s Total Talent Intelligence® platform is powered by a proprietary portfolio of advanced technology, predictive analytics, and expert guides to deliver our flagship workforce management solutions to recruit, hire, and retain your full-time, contingent, and gig talent.

Is the workforce LogiQ VMS compatible with the current browser?

Built with the latest web technology, the Workforce Logiq VMS is now faster. Unfortunately, your browser is not compatible with the current technology. Please download any of the following browsers and you will be on your way.

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