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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a workforce management system?

A workforce management system is how a business manages their payroll, HR and benefits administration, time and attendance records and potentially any retirement plan they carry. Workforce management can also encompass human resources and management including employee handbooks, recruiting and onboarding, and other aspects of people management.

What is total workforce management system?

The Marine Corps has granted you access to your federal employment data in the Total Workforce Management System (TWMS). TWMS is a secure, web-based Department of Navy (DON) system that enables you to view, print, and update specific personal employment information via one convenient, user-friendly application.

What is att communications manager?

AT&T Communication Manager (ACM) is a software application that works with your AT&T mobile broadband device to provide high-speed, wireless Internet connectivity so you can stay in touch. Take advantage of the nation’s largest 4G network to connect to the Internet when you’re on the go.

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