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Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce management in contact centre?

Workforce Management. Workforce management (WFM) is a term that encompasses all of the processes that a contact centre undertakes in order to have the right number of staff available at the right time. These WFM processes include each of the following: Forecasting contact volumes.

What is workforce management?

What Is Workforce Management | The Complete Guide. Workforce management once referred to a broad category of business activity — what we now call human resource management (HRM). As business practices evolved in the early part of this century, workforce management took on a much more specific, much more technical definition.

How can workforce management software improve employee productivity?

You can set your workforce management software to allow your employees to sign up for shifts on a first-come, first-served basis or to apply for specific shifts pending your approval. This is a great way to give your employees some control over their work life, which can make them happier and more productive.

What are the most powerful workforce management tools?

The most powerful workforce management tools, like Sling, allow you to set wages per employee or position and see, in real time, how much each shift you schedule is going to cost.

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