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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the H-E-B password management system work?

By using network and computer systems owned or utilized, directly or indirectly, by H-E-B, all users consent to such inspection, review and/or disclosure. By using this system, all users agree to never reveal an H-E-B account password to others or allowing use of an H-E-B account by others.

How many people work at H-E-B?

We employ over 100,000 people we call Partners. We're all working together in the Spirit of H-E-B; committed to excellence and engaged in a cause that's more than a job. We believe people matter, and we have a mission to make their lives better.

Does H-E-B monitor your email?

For legitimate business purposes, authorized H-E-B personnel will monitor the use of network or computer systems, including phone-mail, E-mail and Internet use, and have the right to review any information stored, transmitted, received, and sent via any network or computer system herein.

Is there a right of privacy at H-E-B?

All information stored, transmitted, received, or contained in any network or computer system used herein is or becomes the property of H-E-B. There is no right of privacy with respect to the use of these networks or computer systems.

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