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Frequently Asked Questions

What is workforce software?

WorkForce Software is Making Work Easy. Our cloud-based workforce management solutions enable enterprise and mid-size organizations to digitize time and attendance processes, optimize employee scheduling, simplify absence management, and gain strategic business insights.

What is workforce management (WFM)?

Workforce management (or WFM for short) is a combined set of interrelated processes and practices that a business uses to track and improve the productivity of its employees.

How does workforce management software improve performance management?

Workforce management programs and software make it easier to be consistent with your performance management activities so that you can inspire your employees to new heights of performance and productivity. A big part of a successful WFM program is compensation control.

What is Oracle workforce management?

Oracle Workforce Management Align business strategy, reduce compliance risk, and deploy the workforce with greater control through a fully integrated HR solution that links time, labor, and leave management with payroll, financial, and personnel data.

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