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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoD rewards program?

The DOD Rewards Program is not an intelligence program and does not replace existing intelligence programs. The program's scope is limited to specific pre-nominations and pre-approved categories in which reward payments are restricted to instances where information leads to the capture of wanted individuals or weapons.

What is a DoD acquisition program?

US DoD Acquisition Process. Military acquisition is the bureaucratic management and procurement process dealing with a nation's investments in the technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its national security strategy and support its armed forces.

What is the workforce recruitment program?

The Federal Workforce Recruitment Program (FWRP) is the signature program of Career Gateway and connects highly motivated college students and recent graduates with a disability to full-time paid summer internships and permanent jobs with federal employers nationwide.

What is DOD employment?

EMPLOYMENT. As a civilian in DOD, you can play an important role in the defense of our Nation and in helping support our Armed Forces. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and other Agencies in the DOD have positions in nearly 750 occupations that can offer diverse, challenging and rewarding careers.

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