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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I offer my employees with working advantage?

You can submit your application to register your company with Working Advantage to get your employees access to a wide variety of everyday savings: home office supplies, streaming services, food delivery, educational programs, automotive, gifts, health and wellness, plus the top offers in travel and entertainment.

Do you need a username and password for Advantage Solutions?

The following links require an Advantage Solutions username and password. If you are an Advantage associate and do not have this information, please contact your human resources representative. Internal communication website and team workspace for Advantage associates. Web-based email for associates with an email address.

How much can I save with working advantage?

Save an average of $3,510 off MSRP* on new cars or shop used cars and trucks for sale nationwide Special Offers available to Working Advantage Employees only. Check out your savings with a Working Advantage Certified Dealer today.

What are the benefits of working advantage auto buying?

Your Benefits Don't End at the Dealership... Enjoy benefits worth up to $2,000, like Auto Repair and Auto Deductible Reimbursement, when you report your new or used car purchase from a Certified Dealer.**

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