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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about 4D scheduling?

4D Scheduling is simulating the planning sequence of construction activities and space requirements on a 3D model. 4D adds the time factor of the construction schedule to the 3D model.

What do you need to know about SimWise 4D?

Are you looking for an engineering tool that will resolve design problems, reduce failures and warranty costs, turn around designs faster, and work either with your existing Windows-based 3D CAD system or as a standalone application? SimWise 4D is for design and engineering professionals developing products involving assemblies of 3D parts.

Who is the editor of 4D BIM magazine?

Tamer is the 4D BIM section editor for BIM Arabia Magazine. He also has many publications in the field of 4D BIM and presented at many digital construction conferences around the world. Learn more about Tamer or connect with him via his LinkedIn profile.

Which is an example of a comparative 4D model?

Comparative 4D models allow the project team to simultaneously review multiple yet related 4D models and visualize multiple scenarios. For example, a comparative 4D schedule model could be a scenario that allows the user to perform a visual comparison of a single 3D model and two schedules.

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