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Frequently Asked Questions

What visa do I need to work in Australia?

To work in Australia you need subclass 457 visa is necessary. The subclass 457 visa permits skilled workers to come to Aust​ralia & work for an endorsed business for up to 4 years. You should have support from affirmed Company.

How do you apply for work visa in Australia?

Apply online through the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration website at Select your visa category. If you plan to stay in Australia for more than three months or wish to work, study or obtain medical treatment in Australia, you will need to apply for a special visa.

Can I apply for a work visa to Australia?

You can apply for number of Australian visa types depending on your situation. The most common way to obtain a residence permit (temporary and permanent) in Australia is through your profession. Your career may make you eligible for one of Australia's several work permit visas.

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