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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does Anytime Fitness use?

Treadmills are a standard piece of equipment in a fitness club, and Anytime Fitness offers several different choices. Depending on the size of the individual gym, most Anytime Fitness clubs will have five to 10 treadmills. Two popular models are the 93Ti and 95Ti, which feature a shock absorption system to minimize the impact on your joints.

Should I workout at home or the gym?

When you workout at home, your gym is compromised mainly of free weights, so you are almost forced to use them. Which is a good thing. Gym Hours Are 24/7/365. Your gym is open every single day of the year, and that means you can workout on whatever day you have time.

Does Anytime Fitness offer classes?

Anytime Fitness group classes vary from club to club and so it's best to contact your club directly to enquire about the classes it offers. Some of the group fitness classes include:

Are kids allowed at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime fitness locations do not offer child care or day care. For that reason, our child policy does not allow for children to be present with their parent while working out unless the child is a member in our system and meets our minimum age requirements (which are set individually by each club!).

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