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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has wortheffort woodworking been on YouTube?

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. Welcome to wortheffort woodworking, your online woodworking education resource. It’s been 8+ years that we’ve been on YouTube.

What can I do with a wortheffort woodworking machine?

So today “wortheffort woodworking” is a tiny one man content producing machine with a focus on the craft of woodworking. Along the way I’ll use that work as a mechanism to teach traditional academic information, critical thinking and skill development.

Who is wortheffort and what do they do?

The artwork from "Artsy Fartsy" series of vids on YouTube. wortheffort woodworking specializing in woodworking education and creating content for teens and adults.

Is it worth the effort to learn woodworking?

Remember it's "always worth the effort to learn, create & share with others.” I spend a lot of time in the shop doing monotonous work. Like the 2000 finger tops I need to finish before November. Listening to podcasts is a nice distraction as it keeps the mind sharp processing how others view topics.

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