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Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a crime in Worthington OH?

How do I... File a report - Reports must be filed directly with a police officer. To have an officer come to your location please call 614-885-4463. Reports can also be filed in person at the Worthington Division of Police, 6555 Worthington-Galena Rd.

What does the city of Worthington, OH do?

The City of Worthington is committed to participating in a thoughtful dialogue with the community as we all work to address and eradicate racism and inequality. The City is receiving a number of questions about our policies and initiatives and we have created this online space to be transparent and make information widely available.

Where to dispose of pills in Worthington OH?

The dropbox is back open for safe drug disposal at the Worthington Division of Police lobby, 6555 Worthington Galena Road. As a reminder, only pills and patches are accepted in the disposal box at this time. Pills must be contained in a bottle, box or bag before being placed into the container.

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