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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the new school year start in Worthington?

But here […] Worthington Schools has been working diligently throughout the 2020-2021 school year to address the many challenges brought on by COVID-19. We are so grateful to the Worthington community for their support and patience as we have navigated this past year together!

What does Worthington Schools do for a living?

Worthington Schools is a community organization that is dedicated to meeting our mission of empowering a community of learners who will change the world. As an organization, we’re committed to providing consistent communication and promoting dialogue with our community.

What kind of insurance does Worthington School District offer?

Each school year the Worthington School District provides information on optional student accident insurance that can be purchased through Guarantee Trust Life. Read the latest news from the Worthington School District. Find out where and when you can pick up meals from Worthington Schools.

Is there a Head Start program in Worthington?

Read the Worthington School District safe return to in-person instruction and continuity plan as required by the American Rescue Plan. The Head Start program provides FREE Preschool for low income qualifying families in the Worthington School District.

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