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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for the WorthPoint price guide?

The WorthPoint Price Guide app is from WorthPoint Corporation the global leader in value and reference information on art, antiques and collectibles. Loading…

Is it worth it to use worth point?

It is great for things that are hard to find or collectibles. If an item sells once every year or so, you can get the data. Newer things eBay works just fine. I sell a few vintage electronics which helps due to the infrequency that it is sold on eBay. My thought is if I get one home run due to Worthpoint then its paid for.

What can I do with my worth point collection?

Identify and preserve your collection with WorthPoint. Explore Worthopedia®, the most comprehensive pricing guide anywhere with over 10 years of historical data. Conveniently research marks, autographs, patterns, and symbols (M.A.P.S.) in our online research guide. With WorthPoint M.A.P.S, you get there quicker.

Can you use WorthPoint for an eBay auction?

WorthPoint is an excellent tool for an eBay seller to have in her arsenal! Using a low-start auction format no longer works well for many products. What does work is using WorthPoint’s historical view to determine an accurate historical price for a obscure object.”

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