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Frequently Asked Questions

What does worthwhile means?

Definition of 'worthwhile'. worthwhile. If something is worthwhile, it is enjoyable or useful, and worth the time, money, or effort that is spent on it. The President's trip to Washington this week seems to have been worthwhile.

What does worth all the while mean?

To be worth my while means that something is important enough to justify the amount of time or work that one must do to achieve it . Another common idiom that contains this expression is to make something worth your while. People use this when they wish to compensate a person well for taking some action.

What is another word for be worthwhile?

Synonyms for worthwhile in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for worthwhile. 13 synonyms for worthwhile: useful, good, valuable, helpful, worthy, profitable, productive, beneficial, meaningful, constructive, justifiable, expedient....

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