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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of wrap?

Wrap is defined as to surround or cover by folding around something. An example of wrap is covering and attaching decorative paper to the outside of a gift box.

How do you wrap a vehicle?

The heat warm up the vinyl and soften the adhesive. You may also use heat gun to warm up the vinyl. Move the vehicle so you can reach the entire vehicle with a heat gun. Peel the wraps starting from a corner and slowing pull away from the vehicle at a low angle. Apply heat as you move down the vehicle removing the wrap.

What are ingredients for wrap?

Commonly used ingredients in body wraps include clay, aloe, and sea salt. However, some body wraps include secret ingredients such as dandelion root and alfalfa leaves. Aloe vera, an ingredient in body wraps, comes from an aloe plant.

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