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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wrestling game?

There’s a sizable number of gamers out there who would argue that Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is the best wrestling game ever made. While WWE games have only recently cracked the 100-wrestler roster number, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns features more than 300 wrestlers from promotions around the world.

What is good wrestling?

A good wrestler wins most of their matches. The difference between a good wrestler and a great wrestler is that the great wrestlers have mental toughness. Great wrestlers are the athletes who find a way to win matches when a match isn’t going well. Mental toughness helps them get better at wrestling.

What is breakdown in wrestling?

A “breakdown” is the term used in folkstyle wrestling to describe any technique from the top position that takes your opponent off of his base and brings him to the mat. Breakdowns are most commonly used by the top wrestler in referee’s position at the onset of wrestling.

Is wrestling a team sport?

* Wrestling is an individual sport, but also has a team component, and still teaches teamwork and the importance of working together. * It is one of the few sports where a child's foot speed, ball-handling skills, hand-eye coordination, and size do not matter.

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