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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the logo for Washington State University?

WSU logos. The official graphic signature (logo) of the University consists of two elements: the logotype (words Washington State University) and the shield mark (letters W, S, and U arranged to form a cougar head framed by a shield accented by a cevron)

What does the wheat symbol on the WSU logo mean?

When used consistently, the WSU logo unifies our various colleges, departments and organizations. Harking back to our earliest days when students shocked wheat as a means of financial support, the wheat symbol continues to represent the hard work and commitment to quality that WSU is known for as Kansas’ only metropolitan research university.

Can a WSU logo be printed on a water bottle?

On certain specialty items (pens, ball caps, water bottles, etc.) the WSU logo may be reproduced without the entire signature lock-up and may be printed with the logo only. This applies only to specialty items whose size or space situations create an advantage for using the logo only.

Is the Wichita State University logo trademark protected?

WSU's logo and signatures are trademark protected. By using any of the logos, you are agreeing to follow WSU's Visual Identity Standards and the university's policy governing rules of use. The WSU horizontal signature is the preferred form.

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