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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose WVEC 13 News for weather forecasting?

WVEC weather team also gathers the comprehensive and best weather data to share future weather predictions. Similarly, using their real-time forecast engine, WVEC 13 News won the blind trust of Virginia residents for accurate forecasting. The citizens rely on the superior accuracy, reliability, and exclusive weather services of the weather crew.

Who are the news anchors on WVEC?

Most of the WVEC News teams have associated with the TV channel for many years and giving their services devotedly. Moreover, the station consists of experienced news anchors and reporters such as David Alan, Niko Clemmons, Brian Farrell, and Adriana de Alba.

Who owns WVEC radio?

It was owned originally by Hampton businessman Tom Chisman along with WVEC radio (1490 AM, now WXTG & 101.3 FM, now WWDE-FM). It switched affiliation to ABC in 1957, when WAVY-TV signed on & took the NBC affiliation due to it's radio sister's long affiliation with NBC radio. On November 13 1959, it moved to it's current location on ch. 13.

Why did Sandra Parker leave WVEC news?

Sandra Parker, the senior anchor of WVEC News, left the channel after 26-years of service with it. She, however, left the ABC affiliate television station in 2016 due to some personal issues. According to the WVEC 13 News Now biography, Parker worked as an anchor on almost every newscast during her duties.

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