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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is WVIT located in Connecticut?

The two stations share studios on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford and transmitter facilities on Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington, Connecticut . On cable, WVIT is carried primarily on channel 4 throughout the Hartford–New Haven television market.

What happened to WVIT TV station?

WVIT, the first television outlet Viacom purchased was the last station to be sold, as Viacom agreed to trade channel 30 to former owner NBC in return for future purchase rights to WWHO in Chillicothe, Ohio and WLWC in New Bedford, Massachusetts, two UPN-affiliated stations NBC was operating by way of local marketing agreements.

What is the WVIT 339 program?

WVIT 339. Internship Wine and Viticulture. 1-12 units Prerequisite: WVIT 202; AEPS/WVIT 231 or WVIT 232 or WVIT 233; junior standing; and consent of internship instructor. One or two quarters spent with an approved wine industry employer engaged in wine production or related agribusiness and viticulture activities.

When did WVIT become Viacom?

WHNB-TV became the current WVIT upon its transfer of ownership to the original Viacom on June 12, 1978. A rare example of a TV station identifying its channel number as a word. Viacom purchased Paramount Pictures in 1994, and merged its five-station group into the Paramount Stations Group.

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