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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my account?

1.Go to your phone’s Home screen. 2.From the Home screen, locate and open the Gmail app. 3.From the Gmail app, tap on the menu button located on the upper-left part of the screen. 4.The currently opened Gmail account and the menu options are displayed.

How do I open my Gmail account in Google?

Open a Google or Gmail account. To open a Google account, go to Google's home page, which is listed in the Sources section of this article, and click on "Sign in" located in the upper right corner. Click on the link for "Create an account now" on the right and enter your preferred account information.

How do I sign up at

How to Sign Up for Gmail Account Open your web browser and go to Google : You'll see a page that looks like the one shown. Read the information on the page and then click the ... In the upper-right part of your screen, see the box that reads: Create an Account? Yep, that's the one; click the Create an Account button and ... The resulting Create your Google Account page is where you type in your information:Your name. First and Last.Desired Login Name. Fill in what you want to become your local address and name at the Gmail domain. After you type in your desired name, Gmail ... See More....

How can I access my personal Gmail account?

Visit the Gmail website in any Web browser at (or and sign in to reach your inbox. On the inbox page, you'll see tabs for various types of email and links to other folders.

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