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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Wyoming Game and Fish Department do?

For more than a century, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been looking out for Wyoming's premier wildlife resources. While the department began primarily to enforce hunting and fishing laws, its role has expanded dramatically.

How do I Stay Up to date with Wyoming Game and fish?

Stay up to date on all Wyoming Game and Fish news either by email or text message. Click the link below to get started. SHOP WYOMING GAME & FISH STORE SHOP NOW! WYOMING WILDLIFE MAGAZINE - SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

What kind of information is in the Wyoming fishing newsletter?

Registration information, regulations, accident reports and FAQs on boating and watercraft in Wyoming. Fisheries managers annually compile a newsletter for their locality, providing information on current conditions, changes in management and highlighting opportunities for good fishing.

How many fish hatcheries are in Wyoming?

Find stocking records for Wyoming waters. We currently maintain ten fish hatcheries and rearing stations scattered across the state, some in remote locations and some with fishing access. These facilities are an integral part of our efforts to provide quality fishing, native fish species restoration and fisheries management.

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