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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Pinnacle Bank in Newcastle Wyoming?

From the hot springs of Thermopolis to the edge of the Black Hills in Newcastle, Pinnacle Bank is proud to be a part of Wyoming. We provide free checking, home loans and genuine personal service for the ranches, farms, businesses and residents of Wyoming.

Is there a Pinnacle Bank in Worland Wyoming?

Pinnacle Bank isn’t just in Worland, Wyoming, we're a part of Worland, Wyoming. Banking has changed a lot over the years, and while we offer the latest conveniences like online banking, mobile banking, free checking and online home loans, there are some things that haven't changed.

When did Pinnacle Bank Open in Keene Wyoming?

Pinnacle Bank’s Wyoming roots go back to the early 1900s with banks throughout agricultural communities and in 1972, they joined Pinnacle Bancorp. They first opened their doors about 30 miles south of Fort Worth in Keene over 40 years ago.

Is there a bank in Cody, Wyoming?

Banks in Cody, Wyoming. Pinnacle Bank has 2 locations and 2 ATMs serving all of Cody. Wyoming’s residents. Stop by a branch or call us at 307-527-7186, and we’ll show you why we believe Pinnacle Bank is the best bank in Cody, Wyoming.

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