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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Wyoming in the summer?

Its landscape is characterised by high mountains, great rivers, such as Snake River and Hoback River, forested trails, deep canyons and vast plateaus. With a climate that is mostly continental and semi-arid, summers are warm, reaching 29 to 35°C in July, with most of the rainfall occurring between late spring and early summer.

Where is the junction of WYO 28 and WYO 192?

Inside Casper city limits (mm 13.77) 5.5 miles northwest of the Shoshone National Forest Boundary (mm 32.71) At the junction of WYO 28 (mm 26.8) 2.2 miles northeast of the WYO 192 Junction (mm 115)

Where is the capital of the state of Wyoming?

Located in the western side of the US, in a mountainous region, it is bordered by Montana (north), Colorado (south), Utah (southwest), Idaho (west), Nebraska and South Dakota (east). The state’s capital and largest city is Cheyenne, with more than 63,000 inhabitants.

How is the weather in Jackson Hole Wyoming?

Winters are generally cold, but can be extremely cold with snow in the mountainous areas, where the backcountry skiing areas in the town of Alpine, for instance, contrast with the popular ski resorts in Jackson Hole valley (e.g. Snow King Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Resort ).

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