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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up a blue yeti mic?

Setting Up Blue Yeti in Ubuntu. First step is to connect the microphone to your PC via the USB cable. Open ‘Sound Settings‘ option present in the Ubuntu Sound Menu. Select the ‘input’ tab from the Sound Settings window. Under the section headed ‘Choose a device for sound input’ select ‘Yeti Stereo Microphone’.

What is a blue yeti?

Best Answer: The Blue Yeti is designed for connection to a computer for audio recording applications.

What is the Blue Yeti?

Blue Yeti Polar Patterns. Because of a unique capsule arrangement inside the microphone, the Blue Yeti offers multiple types of polar patterns. This increases the utility of the microphone as it's able to be used to record in different environments. As you can see, the Yeti offers 4 different use cases for each polar pattern.

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