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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of a yoga ball chair?

This yoga ball chair is 2 inches taller than the standard-height version. It also has plenty of adjustable features, including four leg height positions and four backrest positions. One review reads: “…I have had issues with my entire right side for years due to mild scoliosis, athletics, injuries, and aging.

Are yoga ball chairs the answer to the modern lifestyle Crisis?

Even more troubling: Prolonged sitting has been linked to chronic issues like back pain, sciatic nerve pain, depression, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Now, fitness and wellness pros are singing the praises of a possible antidote to this modern lifestyle crisis: the yoga ball chair.

Can you use an exercise ball as a desk chair?

You can also use an exercise ball as a substitute for a desk chair. Many exercise balls are labeled with their intended inflation diameter in centimeters; if that information isn't on the ball itself, it'll be on the packaging that came with the ball. In general, you choose the ball size according to your height.

Does sitting on a yoga ball really improve posture?

While sitting on a yoga ball may give you a core workout in short bursts, there isn’t a lot of evidence that it automatically improves posture. “A yoga ball chair doesn’t guarantee good posture,” says Caitlin Reid, holistic physiotherapist and wellness consultant at Aprivé Wellness.

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