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Frequently Asked Questions

What Music do you listen to during your yoga practice?

Some of those ethnic music types that are being explored for use in yoga and meditation include ancient Chinese instrumental music, African rain dance music, North American traditional music, and early Irish culture music.

Is listening to music during yoga a good idea?

Playing music while practicing yoga is purely a personal choice. Some people like the silence of the early morning, while others prefer to have soft music playing in the background. The benefits are also perceptive, with some people saying that music helps while others feel that it detracts from their yoga.

What is the best music for yoga classes?

Some of the best styles of music during a yoga practice are: 1. Classical music. Considered as the best music genre for yoga, this type of music helps in soothing the mind and elevating the latent energy within an individual. The instruments used for this type of music usually have a very calming effect thus assisting in providing balance.

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