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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a juvenile detention center?

What happens in a typical juvenile detention center depends on the facility. Each center has its own daily schedule, but most follow a similar pattern. At youth detention centers in Georgia, youths begin the day by making their beds and dressing. They eat breakfast and clean their rooms for inspection.

What is youth incarceration?

Youth incarceration in the United States. They hold that the juvenile justice system is unjust, ineffective, and counter-productive in terms of fulfilling the promise of the prison system, namely the protection of the public from violent offenders.

What is juvenile detention?

Juvenile detention is the temporary confinement of juveniles. Detention may be ordered for a number of different reasons, including concerns that a juvenile is a risk to him or herself and others, the need for a secure facility to hold a juvenile who is awaiting placement, or the need for an incarceration facility which...

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