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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put songs on your playlist?

Click and drag your songs into the playlist. To the right of your music is a large box labeled with your playlist. To put songs into it, just click on them and drag them into the playlist box. You can drag multiple songs at once by holding the "ctrl" or "command" keys when you click on each song.

Does Adele write her own music?

Adele has always written her own songs. She wrote much of her debut album, “19”, alone but collaborated with cowriters more readily on her second and third albums, “21” and “25”. Adele has a writing credit on every original song she has included in her studio albums.

How do you get a playlist on YouTube?

On Desktop Open the YouTube site. Click the search bar. Search for a video. Select a video. Click the "Add to" button. Click Create new playlist. Enter a name for your playlist. Determine your playlist's privacy settings. Click CREATE. Add more videos to the playlist.

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