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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make music on YouTube?

Steps Make a YouTube account and pick the right name. Choose the music style you want to upload. Choose the right pictures for your video. Make videos often and upload them to YouTube. Upload the newest songs. Have a logo and a motto. Get ideas from other uploaders. Give credit to the artists! Share your videos on social sites and with your friends.

Should you make a YouTube channel?

YouTube is an excellent way to get noticed on the internet and, in some cases, you can even use it to earn a living. To make a YouTube channel, you'll need to set up the channel using a Google account and add channel art, a channel description, and a channel name.

How do I Find my Playlist on YouTube?

How to Find My Playlist on YouTube. Step 1: Go to and log on using your account username and password. Step 2: On the upper-left side of your screen, under Library, you can see the list of playlists that you created. Step 3: Click the playlist that you want to view.

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