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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get YouTube TV on my TV?

Open the YouTube TV app on your TV. On a computer or mobile device, visit . Enter the activation code displayed on your TV at . Select the account associated with your YouTube TV membership. Click Allow. You should now be able to start watching on your TV.

How do you go to YouTube on a TV?

Open the YouTube app on your phone or tablet. Select Watch on TV under the menu. Tap ENTER TV CODE, under the Link with TV code section. Take the blue TV code that appears on your TV and enter it on your phone or tablet. Visit on your computer.

What is YouTube TV offers?

YouTube TV enables subscribers to live stream the popular channels they are accustomed to watching on cable and satellite TV. It offers a cable-like experience that allows viewers to watch YouTube channels live, scroll through current programming, and record unlimited amounts of content to watch at a later date.

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