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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Ypsilanti State Hospital?

Ypsilanti State Hospital History. In a state-wide effort to close every mental hospital in Michigan during the early 1990s, Ypsilanti Regional Psychiatric Hospital was one of the first to close in 1991. The Center for Forensic Psychiatry remained open on the YRPH campus to treat criminals under psychiatric evaluation until the early 2000s,...

Where is the Ypsilanti Regional Psychiatric Hospital?

Located in Ypsilanti, MI. Also Known As:Ypsilanti Regional Psychiatric Hospital, The Center for Forensic Psychiatry, YSH, York Woods Center. Genre:Psychiatric Hospital, Criminal / Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.

Does Ypsilanti State Hospital suffer from overcrowded conditions?

Although Ypsilanti State Hospital suffered from similar overcrowded conditions at other facilities across the United States at the time, it received a positive report from Albert Deutsch in his book Shame of the States:

What is the Ypsilanti theory of schizophrenia?

His theory was that by confronting the patients with contradicting beliefs, while encouraging supporting each other, would alleviate their schizophrenic tendencies. The sessions did not dispel the beliefs, but a much psychological information was documented in his book, The Three Christs of Ypsilanti (1964).

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